Les Rôtisseries Benny


South Shore

favourite since our first doors opened

We got our start in Joliette, but our heart is in the South Shore where we’ve been serving families for over three generations.

Rotisserie style chicken slow roasted for 3 hours using an old family recipe. A real treat!

We serve over 40,000 meals a week from our 6 take-out counters. Each one is brought direct to your door in one of our 70 delivery vans.


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in the South Shore



from the beginning

The story of Les Rôtisseries Benny starts in Joliette where the Benny family opened their first rotisserie in 1960. The idea was simple: serve up tasty chicken at good value for pick-up or delivery.

After a promising debut, Les Rôtisseries Benny set up shop in the South Shore with a first branch in Saint-Lambert. More success soon followed, as due to high demand the rotisserie had to be moved to a larger location.

In the following years, five new branches were opened, each one a testament to Benny’s success and their loyalty to the South Shore.

From the very start, the recipe has been straight forward: quality, quantity and service. Over the years, these three founding principles have become our motto. We believe hard work and commitment to our core beliefs is our true success story.

The family is eternally grateful to its faithful clientele over the years. A special, thank-you to all our past and present employees, as well as all of our partners who contributed to the undeniable success of the company.